Back2Life vs Kyrobak vs True Back Which is Best?

When back pain sets in it effects more than just your back. It effects your whole mood and outlook on life. More and more people are trying to decide between Back2Life vs Kyrobak (or any other number of remedies or doohickeys) to deal with the problem.

Pain Relief Products Discussed in This Article

True Back Orthopedic Traction Device
Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager

First of all, be aware that all three machines claim to relieve the back pain you experience either occasionally or chronically. That said, let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of a few back relief machines.

What is Back2Life?

Back2Life is a continuous motion machine that helps in the alignment of your spine, relieve the pain in your back, and release any pressure which may bear down on your backbone.

According to most sufferers of chronic back pain, they experience stiffness of their back muscles and muscle spasms together with the pain. This condition is not only painful but uncomfortable.

While there have been numerous machines that have been designed to exercise damaged knee joints and shoulders, the technology using continuous motion has never really been applied to lower back pain issues until Back2Life came along. To use the back 2 life machine, you have to lie on your back with your legs draped over a kind of column that sits behind your knees.

How Back2Life Works

The electrically-powered device performs an elliptical motion that pulls your legs upwards. This action stretches your lower back into a forward position and applies traction to your spinal vertebrae. According to an osteopath from North London, Dr. Eyal Lederman, Back2Life is very accurate in the way it treats lower back pain, even comparing its ability to that of a physiotherapist or an osteopath like himself.

Back2Life’s repetitive gentle rocking movement contracts and then releases a "locked" or stiff back. All this takes is a 12-minute session right in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You get around 12 movements on your back for 12 minutes, meaning one movement per minute. Because you control the machine’s movement, there is no likelihood that damage can be done to an existing injured back.

Features of Back2Life

Apparently, an already damaged back’s condition can worsen without exercising it because of adhesion – tissues that stick together -- which you may get when chemicals are released by the injured soft tissue or muscles. Back2Life has the ability to stimulate movements between the spine’s face joints to decrease stress in the spinal vertebrae; this action results in the relaxation of tendons and muscles.

The back to life machine has an adjustable feature to accommodate heights between four feet eight inches to six feet six inches and up to 300 pounds of the weight of the user. The machine lifts the tailbone while flexing the spine and, over time, the rhythmic slow motion gradually aligns your spine while improving your mobility and relieving pressure off your spine simultaneously.

How Kyrobak Works

How Kyrobak WorksThe Kyrobak ®, on the other hand, uses the same continuous passive motion (CPM) technology but has taken lower back pain relief a notch higher by combining it with oscillation therapy.

This gives the Kyrobak Continuous Passive Motion and oscillation therapy machine an advantage over Back2Life. As mentioned, some action on the part of the user is needed with Back2Life but not with Kyrobak.

If you take a look at the Kyrobak instructions using Kyrobak is easier. Since you lie down on the device after you have placed it on a couch, the floor or your bed; there is no requirement for you to raise your legs or any other physical movement on your part except to lie down.

Like Back2Life, Kyrobak employs a non-invasive, gentle, and relaxing procedure to give you relief from back pain. Unlike Back2Life, however, using Kyrobak requires only ten minutes of your time.

When reading back 2 life reviews you'll notice another advantage of Kyrobak over Back2Life is that with the former, leg elevation is not required in order to obtain the benefits of back pain relief. With Kyrobak, the most "extreme" physical activity you will do is lie on your back with your hands flat at your sides.

Some Notable Differences

Back2Life is cheaper than Kyrobak but only by a few dollars. The former is heavier while the latter is lightweight. On the other hand, while both machines come with an instructional manual upon purchase, Back2Life comes with an instructional DVD and a brochure while Kyrobak does not. As to customer satisfaction, Back2Life reviews by Amazon customers gave the product 3.6 stars out of five.

Amazon customer reviews, meanwhile, gave Kyrobak 3.3 stars out of five. This spells quite a difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. While both products have their share of mixed reviews from Amazon customers, Back2Life apparently has more satisfied customers than Kyrobak. Back2Life’s focus seems to be exclusive and limited to the base of the spine and the lower back.

Kyrobak, on the other hand, has the advantageous ability to treat non-specific lower back pain such as sciatica, for instance, which involves radicular pain, meaning the pain radiates into the lower extremity directly along the root of a spinal nerve as a result of inflammation, compression or injury to said root. Sciatic pain can be felt in only one leg while it radiates down to the back of one thigh and affects both the calf and the foot.

Although Back2Life does not have any pertinent information on its usage by those who have pacemakers or other devices, Kyrobak does mention in its official website’s FAQ section that it has undergone tests to ensure that it does not create any interference with operations of some other devices, including the previously mentioned pacemakers. Kyrobak also does not generate any form of electric current to any part of the body.

Which Machine Should You Get?

There seems to be only one thing to consider between the Back2Life and Kyrobak machines. The ease and comfort of use. Back2Life may be more inconvenient to use, given that you need to elevate your legs. Which may be difficult if you are already experiencing back pain.

Kyrobak is clearly easier to use since, again as mentioned, all you have to do is lie down. The winner in the Back2Life vs Kyrobak back pain machine war is undecided. Based on customer satisfaction Back2Life takes a bit of a lead. Check out their respective websites to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Kyrobak tends to sell out quickly on Amazon so if you cannot find it for sale there you can try eBay. Kyrobak eBay sellers offer the system both in new and used options.

True Back for Sciatica and Other Back Pain Issues

If you are looking for something to help back pain other than an electronic pain relief device there are some well regarded options.

Take for example the TRUE BACK another "As Seen on TV" product that is promoted as a non powered back aid. What is True Back? The manufacturers proclaim it to be a natural, drug free, convenient and affordable orthopedic traction device. This relieves the body of daily stress, tension and discomfort.
Think of the True Back as a trip to the chiropractor without the lengthy and expensive trip. A simple way to increase your range of motion and flexibility which helps alleviate pain.

Frequent users have reported the True Back has helped alleviate long time sciatica and mid-back pain. An improvement in flexibility of the neck and lower back has also been mentioned.

I don't know about you but I spend way too much time driving to and from work. I sit too long in an uncomfortable car seat only to spend hours sitting at a desk. And what do we do once we get home and have a moment to relax? Plop down in front of a TV. All of those positions compress the vertebrae. This causes permanent fusion over years or decades of misuse if not taken care of.

The TRUE BACK is designed to elongate the spine enabling the muscles in the back to relax and increase blood flow. This passive stretching movement can help lessen sciatic nerve pressure and back pain in general.

Does TRUE BACK Help Neck Pain?

If you have ever gone to a chiropractor you may have heard about a simple technique to align your spine. Lie on your bed and hang your head over the edge. This puts your neck in the correct position to align those crucial vertebrae in your neck properly. This same idea is expanded upon with the True Back helping your neck and back settle into it's natural state.

It is interesting to note that the True Back is not simply for fixing or rehabilitating existing problems; it is also very effective at preventing future problems.

If you are considering giving True Back a try click here and read more reviews on Amazon.